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An amalgam of two older, now-defunct subsectors, Hesiod-Siculus is an old and culturally rich region of the sector. It is a medium-sized subsector that lies rimwards of the Boten Cloud Nebula and spinwards of the Starfire subsector, and as such, is relatively isolated and exposed. Since the time of the twin subsectors, frontier systems that lie in the subsectorial north-west – such as Indrine and Helswall – have been periodically attacked by ork warbands emerging from the reaches of the Scallop Stars.

A series of fortress worlds, collectively known as the Hesiod Wall, once reached across the spinwards frontier, though many were lost to a (possibly mythical) ork folk-hero, Da Gogwort,during the events of the War of Green. Today, remnant systems of the Wall, including Tithe and Port Cassian form isolated and embattled lynchpins of Imperial security.

In recent centuries, new threats have emerged. Dozens of Imperial outposts, planetoids and even principal planets have either declared for or been conquered by the forces of the expanding Brightsword Protectorate, which continues to forge onwards under the auspices of the so-called Tau's High Council. With Imperial resistance traditionally geared corewards, it is the region's agriworlds and civilised worlds that have borne the brunt of the Protectorate's expansion. Resistence has been scattered and patchy, a result many attribute to the sub-sectors' traditional poor quality of life under Imperial rule. While the sub-sector government has been shifted from its traditional seat on Siculus to the impoverished Nnuutuu, the Pax Imperium is technically still being enforced; even as the region's anti-spinwards borders are redrawn. 

An eccentric deiseil drift will place the sector's western reaches deep in the Scallop Stars over the coming millennium, and ill-advised sorties by the tau against Ork piratical shipping seem to have roused the sleeping giant of the sector.

Ascension +40; declenation 52; deiseil drift +/-30

Notable locations in this region

Planetary System
  • Nnuutuu
  • Ormah-urmah
  • Csain Bastian
  • Pique
  • Urth
Planetary System
  • Veles
  • Thrymr
  • Nifol
Planetary System
  • Metis
  • Themetis
  • Iocaste
  • Virtue
Planetary System
  • Hesiod
  • Marryme
  • Tralfamadore
  • Lydiades
Planetary System
  • Egan's World
  • Five Point
  • Backslum
  • Melun Humillisima
  • Conisium
  • Arcollagis
  • Volaterrae
Planetary System
  • Culkutta
  • Halycon
  • Qarmanac
Planetary System
  • Luye'nd Prime
Planetary System
  • Lon'war
  • C'roe'rt
Planetary System
  • Mourning Spirit
  • Restless Spirit/Doran
  • Iron Spirit
  • Barren Spirit
Planetary System
  • Harüm
  • Turq
Planetary System
  • Cepheus
  • Bellatrix
  • Port Cassian
  • Exercitus
  • Dorin Antrum
  • Aldebaran
Planetary System
  • Siculus
Planetary System
  • Cacoph cluster
  • Liberty
  • Rubicon
Planetary System
  • Tithe