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Hynde's Crimson Star

Planetary System

Tradition has it that the discoverer, now known only as Hynde, testified that the star appeared 'like a drop blood on a black field'. Little else remains on the ancient history of the stellar mass. It appears likely the red was owing to the red shift of the star from Hynde's position, as the star itself is large and yellow, roughly four times the mass of Sol. It supports a number of inhabited worlds, and is a major stop-off on a number of trading routes owing to its proximity to the Genosan Expanse

Its political heyday was curtailed by the secession of the Iron Staff League, when trading – the traditional lifeblood of the system – was abruptly curtailed. In the Millennia since, the Imperial Commanders of the system have each attempted new forays into wealth generation in order to meet the ruinous tithes – instated in ages past and seemingly never reviewed by the Adeptus Terra – and numerous criminal empires, and black and grey markets are common. The entire system has an air of disrepair, faded grandeur and a sense of a lost past. Nowadays, many cities across the system are largely depopulated, and work grows increasingly scarce. Food riots and internal warfare are common, and while the Pax Imperium mostly holds, this system is monitored closely by the Arbites.


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Imperial Sub-sector
Egan's World
Five Point
Melun Humillisima

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