The Antona Australis Sector

The Antona Australis sector is located on the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy and as such has seen combat involving Tau raiders and splinter fleets of the dread tyranids.

Buffetted by alien threats and internal sedition, the Imperial dominance of Antona Australis has endured for ten thousand years. In this Dark Millennium, can it hold fast?

Antona Australis is a loose and fluid background for the PCRC's battles; ranging from shadowy investigations with the Dark Heresy game to the battlefields of Warhammer 40,000.

+Greetings Commander+

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+Updates from the front+

  • + Liminal Secondary: All men and women of fighting age across the following sectors hereby conscripted: Beta, Gamma, Delta, Eta, Theta, Omicron, Mu, Nu. All other sectors remain on standby. +
  • + Reports emerge from Port Wicc: Tau forces and orks reported on Scarceacre. Refugees and farmworkers are pouring into the designated safe zones. +
  • + Ishilites spearhead drive into North-eastern orkspace. Slowed but unhalted at Dogrok. General Alldone of the Throne Siegecasters leads Guard taskforce despatched for siege works. +
  • + Staunch defence of the township of Spitpool by orks of Muvvacrushas tribe means Karanas City is further reinforced. Additional Imperial troops diverted. Invasion of Chiml-Sü postponed +
  • + Warhound Actus Sanctorum of the Legio Malleus abandoned on Karanas. Ten thousand litanies of sorrow to be digitised +

Active Warzones

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