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Planetary System

A pair of newly-settled and highly-miitarised Septworlds, the twin planets Tsu'as and Or'na boast bountiful and beautiful oceans. Both have a population of little over a million each, with around seven per cent believed to be under arms. In Tau terms, these are essentially military bases, though to Imperial eyes the civilian population is relatively under-exploited.

Tau of these worlds most commonly bear coral-coloured equipment and uniforms, though many exceptions exist according to the campaign and purpose. The armies are not experienced; though a core of veterans has been tasked by the Sept's military command with bringing the new troops to an elite level.


Most of the population of Or'Na is clustered around the coasts and lowland plains. The regional capital M'Kel Bay has the system's busiest spaceport, and enjoys good connections with the other major settlements, including the industrial district of Hong Tan

The G'loshes Pass is a long and beautiful canyon; the remnants of an ancient riverbed that split a low mountain range. The soil here is fertile, and many rare wildflowers and fauna are present, that in the past attracted many Imperial Scriptori and Magi biologis from the nearby worlds. Today, few are allowed leave to study – and those few remain under the careful watch of the Tau.

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Tzi'na Enclave
Xenos territory

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