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Planetary System

As is common in Antona Australis, Siculus is a name shared by the star, system and principal planet – in this case a sprawling ecumenopolis, dotted with buildings that catered to the governance of the Imperial sector. Since its absorption into the Tau Brightsword Protectorate, Siculus has seen an ambitious urban renewal scheme and population migration. Tau settlers now make up nearly five per cent of the world's immense populace. Civil disturbance is reported to be high, a report gleefully seized upon by Imperial agitprops.

Marking the current easternmost border of the Tau's advance into the sector, Siculus has become a symbol for both the Tau and Imperium. As the Tau advance into the sector, they have met increasing resistance from the Hesiod-Siculus subsector. Tau advances along the Siculan Front, as the contested border between the Protectorate and Imperial space has become known, has gradually but inexorably slowed. The loss of this system was grave news for the Imperium – but it has served to rouse the whole sector in anger and defiance. The Brightsword Protectorate are increasingly forced into battles of attrition that ill-suit their approach; and worse – are being forced to divert troops to the Southern Marches of the Protectorate to fend off tendrils of Tyranid splinterfleets.

[Transappend note:] Known as Z'culus to the Tau

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