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Farpeak's End

Planetary System

The system contains three habitable planets; two that have been converted into permanent defence outposts, and a huge desert world named Nnuutuu.

  • Furthest from the star (also termed Farpeak's End), the planet Ormah-urmah has a mean temperature only a few degrees above freezing. This means that the immense rocky planet is inhospitable but easily defended. A nomadic population scrapes a living from the endless tundra in the temperate and polar zones. With virtually no permanent dwellings, invasions find it hard to engage the Imperial forces in these areas. The equatorial zone is a little more hospitable, and houses tough PDF regiments in an imposing series of fortresses called 'Motties' by the locals. These are periodically supplemented by Guard regiments who cycle through the system. Thus far, the populace has remained stubbornly pro-Imperial, despite efforts by the Tau water caste and sympathisers.
  • Next in from out-system is the Shrine World of Csain Bastian, resting place of Saint Bastian of Urth, whose canonisation in M38 was authorised by Heirarch Meria after nearly five hundred years of debate amongst the clergicians of Grovsenor. A former political agitator, Bastian managed to convert the notorious scow-miners of the Urthene orbital docks, and led a rag-tag crusade of dissidents to victory over the orks of Waaagh! Gotrog. The planet now attracts millions of visitors to its various reliquaries. Judging from the number of holy vertabrae and carpal bones held in kirks, churches and cathedrals across the planet, Bastian must have been an imposing man, with a spine nearly thirty feet long and over forty fingers on each hand. The planetary capital, Restfulness, also proudly displays Bastian's infant skull next to his adult one. Well-defended and secure in the loyalty of its devoted population, Tau sympathisers and underground political movements are rare – though a fifth column of pacifists undoubtedly exists, a weakness the Brightsword Confederacy will doubtless be keen to exploit.
  • Skirmishes between the Lamb's World XXVII and CCCX regiments and tau of the StarBlade Cadre have been reported on Nnuutu. The planet is huge, and contains hundreds of settlements of significant size; with a population numbering in the many billions. Although the planet has oceans and water enough to spare, the sheer size of the world means that the vast majority of the landscape is scrubby desert. The hab-cities, some of which are approaching proto-hive status, maintain protected links to the oceans, though the strength of the stormswells means that the cities are hundreds of miles inland. Great magrail links are surrounded by squat desalination plants and processing facilities all the way to the habs.

The sub-sector government of Hesiod-Siculus, famed in scripsheet throughout the sector as the heroic 'Siculan Government-in-Exile' is hidden on this planet, and issues orders to loyalist Imperial forces throughout the sector.


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