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The Brightsword Protectorate

The Brightsword Protectorate is a tau-led coalition of worlds, armed forces and space fleets. Under the command of The High Council and its figurehead Aun'El Si'Ot Lon, the Protectorate represents the power and influence of T'au in the Antona Australis sector; intended as a bold and gleaming statement of the young species' intent of galactic dominance. 


+ History of the Protectorate +

The Protectorate's first gains in the sector began a little over a century ago, in the sectorial isthmus between the Hesiod-Siculus and Starfire subsectors. A sparsely-populated region of near-wilderness space, the autochthonic inhabitants of a number of planets found themselves under the dominion of a new and seemingly benevolent power. Within two decades, the Protectorate had absorbed nearly two dozen minor systems, most willingly. Reports of a new space-faring species offering succour and alliance to all-comers reached the ears of the Inquisition in the Unkind Palace on Port Cassian, but ongoing ork attacks and the interminable churn of Imperial politics saw little official appetite for investigation.


That changed as the Tau continued to make inroads into the sector, and its propaganda began circulating more openly in Imperial sectors that bordered the region. By this point, the Brightsword Protectorate had swollen to encompass over three score minor systems, and reports of its precociously advanced military machine was beginning to filter through; as were skirmishes within Imperial space. The Tau's assault on Dolor marked a turning point for the Protectorate – and the Imperial sectorial government – as this major Imperial system was lost. A taskforce, Warhound, was formed, but this too, was driven off by the ambitious forces of the Tau.


Fortunately for the Tau at this critical point, Imperial forces were stretched thinly, and the news of Imperial defeat sent a shockwave through the sector. Numerous vacillating systems that had long paid lip-service to the Pax Imperium rebelled openly, throwing their lot in with the Tau; as did a number of independent worlds and minor species. Adding grievous injury to the Imperium was the loss of a primary Imperial world – the subsector capital of Siculus – after a bitterly-fought battle that marked the start of the Farpeak campaign. This victory marked the firm establishment of the Brightsword Protectorate as a sectorial player.


+ Dark days + 

Triumphant and confident in their superiority, the Tau paused to gather itself and to embark on an ambitious decade-long building and rejuvenation plan across its domain. Advances were halted, and the borders became quieter as the expansionist forces turned inwards, Fire Warriors working as police and civil enforcement for the new, unstable governments that arose on planets more accustomed to the monolithic presence of Imperial autocracy.


This pause was brought to an abrupt halt by invasion on two fronts – the arrival of the first tendrils of Hivefleet Dagon from the rimwards wilderness, and the Wars of Old and Young, during which Eldar of numerous affilliations seemed to descend on the worlds of the Protectorate. During this time, Brightsword struggled to stabilise its borders – a task hampered by the sheer reach of the Protectorate, which had swollen to the point that Tau faster-than-light technology struggled to respond with alacrity. The Council, under great strain, found itself divided and unable to react, leading to the loss of a number of minor systems. Cracks were appearing in the Protectorate's gleaming shell.


A period of seven standard months saw the High Council continue to be deadlocked, during which a number of individuals – now variously lauded or despised – began to take matters into their own hands to defend their immediate territories. Some, like the infamous Commander Ke'en, rebelled entirely, leading to a ragged and desparate civil war, which was subsequently covered-up. Others acted more in line with Tau philosophy, and their charismatic defences and successes forced the High Council to cede semi-autonomous control to these individuals of great talent. The result was the creation of a number of Enclaves, including the Starblade Enclave, the Marquet Region and, most recently, the enormous Tzi'na Enclave.


Today, the Tau have commenced their Second Phase expansion, with worlds such as Thrymyr in the Frigia system falling before the determined advance of the Tau. Forces of Tau, their auxiliaries and volunteer militia are being gathered across the whole of Protectorate space as the High Council calls on its citizens to fight for their dream.


Imperial forces gather their strength and build their bulwrks along the corewards borders, determined to resist further losses; and the Tyranids of Dagon continue their relentless drift in-sector. Perhaps most threatening of all to the Brightsword Protectorate's continued existence are the chaotic forces of the Arch-enemy. It is an adage any Inquisitor should mark: to ensure a quiet population and rapid expansion, the Tau tossed what they thought was a sop to the conquered populations – granting them freedom of worship and limited self-government. The Tau of Brightsword are now reaping the results – an unchecked and burgeoning psychic population, mixed with unbottled old political rivalries, has resulted in a witches' brew of dozens of rebellions erupting within the heart of the Protectorate.


All eyes are on the High Council, and the heroes of the Tau. Their staunch warriors, ambassadors, engineers and visionaries have made it clear they will not let their 'bright region of hope for a better future' collapse without a fight...

Notable locations in this region

Large spacecraft
Planetary System
  • Dunwa
  • Hee-long
Planetary System
  • Bath'cur
  • Kalbimin Prime
  • Nee'cur
  • Bath'cea
  • Bath'Shiba
  • El'hanan
  • Da'ya
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  • Ceti
  • Zen'Traed
  • Cabidas
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  • Chac'Tun
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Planetary System
  • Dolor/Tau'lor
  • Dolor Minor
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  • Mar'Ina
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  • Lon'war
  • C'roe'rt
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  • Mourning Spirit
  • Restless Spirit/Doran
  • Iron Spirit
  • Barren Spirit
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  • Delph/Del'f
  • Te'Gaea
  • The Three Sisters