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Planetary System

An older Sept located spinwards of the Brightsword Protectorate, Ceti traces its history back to the Tau's first approaches in-sector. Civilised, reserved and dedicated to the Greater Good, the Tau colonists have served courageously in the armies of the Protectorate for decades. The Sept is unfortunate in being the closest major Sept to Hivefleet Dagon; and it has come under increasing pressure from the ineffable aliens in recent years. Already, outer monitoring stations have fallen silent, and it is feared that one of the minor worlds of the sept has been lost.

Ceti is the principal inhabited planet, located third from the star. It is the birthsept of the famed hero Shas'O Po'Psox (Commander Strongheel).

Zen'Traed was a willing supplicant to the Greater Good, and the gigantic inhabitants serve alongside Tau peacekeeping forces across the Protectorate.

Cabidas was a small planet with a meagre population. It is feared lost to the awful appetite of Hivefleet Dagon.

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