Dramatis personae

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Commander Strongheel – Shas'O Po'Psox

Dramatis personae

Attaining his rank on the successful integration of Del'f into the Brightsword Protectorate, Strongheel is a dynamic leader, whose unconventional infantry-focussed modus operandi has made him popular amongst the Fire Caste of the Protectorate – and the darling of the Water Caste, who find his 'lead from the front' approach to warfare makes for wonderful propaganda.

Po'Psox made his name bare-headed and clad in combat armour – the better to bawl orders to nearby Fire Warriors – but over his career has suffered numerous injuries that have necessitated a number of bionics. Since his promotion to Commander, his concerned advisors have insisted on his adoption of a protective suit of some sort. Grating against this, as he feels it distances him from his troops, he has grudgingly compromised by donning an XV15 suit; an unusual light suit that contains both life support systems and an enhanced tact-strategic comms array.

Birthed on Ceti, Strongheel's command is merit-based; revolving around a core of highly-motivated Fire Warriors supported by limited armour and auxiliaries of numerous species. This relatively low-tech, low-suit approach has made his force specialist in urban and counter-insurgency warfare. Unfortunately, this also means his command is ill-suited to warfare with the Tyranids – or Y'he, as the Tau name them – of Hivefleet Dagon. This has caused some conflict with the Brightsword High Council, as his requests to return to defend his birthsept system against the increasingly threatening splinterfleets are met with deaf ears; the Councillors preferring to have their gung-ho hero on the western reaches, expanding the Protectorate.