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Planetary System

This star system was first colonised during the Great Crusade and sits at the spinward frontier of the Starfire subsector. Orbitting a blue giant star, the three gas giants (unimaginatively named Oracle I, II and III) collectively known as the Three Sisters orbit in-system, while four inhabited planets orbit further out, where Oracle's harsh radiation is muted somewhat.

This moderately-populated civilised world pays fealty to the Tau Empire, and is part of the Brightsword Protectorate. Previously known as Delph, the planet was an unremarkable Imperial world, fairly prosperous and developed. Delph's governor was deposed by a forward-thinking rebel group, who successfully campaigned to turn the populace against the governor. A limited civil war began, with the rebels being driven back to the dust-seas. In desperation, they turned to (then-) Shas'El Po'Psox, whose forces crushed the Imperial resistance.

Today, the remaining human inhabitants reportedly live in comparative comfort in their reservations. Small groups have appeared in support of Fire Caste warriors as defence auxilia. Those who prove themselves loyal to the Tau are even allowed to breed occasionally.

Freed from Imperial rule by the Tau blockage on the system, the Teg took the opportunity to become independent of superplanetary governorship. The overtures of the tau have turned many to the Greater Good, though the fiercely independent tribes of the south remain unmoved.

Tau military presence is light owing to pressures elsewhere, and the Teg raise their own forces in support of the Brightsword Protectorate

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The Three Sisters

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