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Hivefleet Dagon

Despite being located relatively near the Eastern Fringe, it was far from inevitable that the Tyranid fleets would impact upon the sector. The galaxy is a large place, and the Imperium's presence, while mighty, is cobweb thin in comparison with the number of unexplored worlds the Tyranids might feast upon itself.

Nevertheless, after reports were received from the Prodigium Os sector, directly rimward of Antona Australis, the dread tendrils of the Tyranids have begun to make the presence felt. 

Hivefleet Dagon, as the group of Xenos has been dubbed, has slowly been emerging in the largely empty space in the southern rimward area of the sector. The hivefleet has exhibited unusual behaviour (though many amongst the Ordo Xenos maintain every hivefleet is essentially unique in its modus operandi) in that its approach seems tentative and slow. In truth, the hivefleet has not struck the sector as a massive wedge, as Hivefleets Behemoth and Leviathan have struck elsewhere. Rather, Dagon has broken into a huge number of splinterfleets on contact with its enemies; much as a ripe fruit might split into infectious spores.

The splinterfleets, chief amongst them AntonaBaphomet, Automatic and Cerberus, have begun to ravage the Starfire subsector; though lone scout ships have been encountered as far coreward as subsector Anton Antecedent. Fortunately for the Imperium, active assaults by the Tau Brightsword Protectorate and increasing ork activity in the sectorial south-east seem to have stymied the Tyranids... for now.

Notable locations in this region

Planetary System
  • Røth/Odgitkul