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Planetary System

Under the auspices of Fio'Os B'ahlam and K'inich, the ocean world Chac'Tun produces a huge amount of viable feed for the Brightsword Protectorate. Never exploited by the Imperium – indeed, like many inhabitable worlds in the sector, it is entirely possible the system was never explored (or even discovered) in the ten thousand years since First Compliance – the rapid construction of sub-orbital plates has allowed the Tau Empire to fully exploit the ecosystem here, and it represents an important strategic point for the Brightsword Protectorate. 

The huge megafauna of the planet are astonishing in their size. An average Chac'Tun Xenorcinus Magna, an apex predator here, can measure upwards of one hundred metres, while there exist reports of Cthinesquid with tentacles that stretch for nearly two kilometres. That these are the largest known predators by no means precludes still larger beings existing. 

The system contains a number of rocky bodies, some of which are exploited by the Tau military for training.

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