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Planetary System

Rimwards of the Boten Cloud Nebula, and marking the northwestern-most border of the Hesiod-Siculus subsector – the point closest to The Scallop Stars – rests the Indrine system, a contested zone where Imperial rule is nominative at best.

Famous for its ruler's unusually tolerant attitude to non-orks, Culkutta is an ork domain, ruled by a mysterious Death Skull warboss known as Da Orkfarva. Trade between the orks and other races is encouraged; although poor trades, double-crossing and dishonesty are discouraged by the genocide that results from crossing the Orkfarva.

Halcyon is an Imperial civilised world – at least in designation. Successive Imperial Commanders have historically been both adaptable and politically adroit by necessity. The planet is home to several merchantile houses; some of which offer safe havens to non-Imperial groups. Despite this structure, the world's populace is by-and-large loyal to the Throne, and the continual influx (and occasional swift exit) gives this world a cosmoplitan and vibrant culture. An unusual faction of the Imperial Cult, the Optimistics, makes its home here. Its missionaries are commonly seen accompanying Imperial forces throughout the subsector.

Qarmanac is a densely populated dwarf planet near the star Indrine. Small mining colonies dot its dark side.

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