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Planetary System

The Fortress World of Tithe stands sentinel over the maddening expanse of wilderness space between Antona Australis and its neighbours – the wartorn Venatio Sector towards the galactic rim and the spinwards Sector Prodigium Os. Tithe is one of the few Imperial bastions that remains active in the North-west of the subsector, following the collapse of Hesiod-Siculus' central government and the rise of the Brightsword Protectorare.

Jealously guarded and reinforced, Tithe bristles with super-orbital defences and staging posts, acting as a beacon and reliable staging post. Sitting near to the Rinwards exit of the Hyperion Warp Corridor, Tithe is easily monitored and reinforced, making it an intimdating and unattractive position for the Tau to attack.

Historically, Tithe was one of a number of connected Fortress Worlds known collectively as the Hesiod Wall, raised in the early years of the sector and standing until the infamous War of Green, when the seemingly immortal mythic hero of the orks – Da Gogwort – led a sector-shaking Waaagh! that left many of the strongpoints in ruins. A number were subsequently reclaimed, but many remain in ork hands, their intimidating defences reinforced and strengthened by the greenskins.

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