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Lawyer's Rest

Planetary System

A peaceful and relatively old Septworld, Lawyer's End has enjoyed its isolation from the other inhabited worlds in the subsector, and has developed many new and revolutionary technologies; not least the Cyno-Generator, used for enjoyment and relaxation throughout the Brightsword Protectorate.

The population of the planet is allowed a relatively high degree of freedom and is famed throughout the sub-sector for its fine alcohol (a sweet intoxicating almond flavoured drink called D'srono after a long dead warrior) and its drinking contests which date back many years to a leaving celebration for a battlegroup of Tau that where last seen heading towards the moons of Closette (and to certain death?).


[Transappend note:] Known as Luye'st to the Tau

This location is part of

Imperial Sub-sector
Luye'nd Prime

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