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A politically important subsector, the narrow subsector Spinther has a number of heavily industrialised worlds in thrall to the sector government. Spinther is one of the main economic powerhouses of the sector, churning out huge quantities of materiel, shipping and everyday essentials such as clothing, STC housing and industrial equipment.

Positioned in a secure zone that is easily accessible from the other subsectors, many of the systems of Spinther are clustered tightly together in the galactic north of the sector in a group known as the Inner Spinther Worlds (or simply Inner Worlds), and surrounded by a large amount of dead space. This makes the detection of incoming invades relatively simple, and light pickets and patrols interdict most pirates, smugglers and other n'er-do-wells before they can make landing on the systems. The proximity of these systems also makes mutual support relatively simple, and the peoples of the Inner Worlds are relatively cohesive in their culture.

Spinwards and south of the Inner Worlds are the Chiming Stars, a group of blue supergiant stars that create a well-known disturbance in the Warp. The famed Navigator Obsylsensen created a beautiful mindscape gate here, safe from the buffeting of the stars' effect on warpspace. This gate is well-sought by travellers and pilgrims, as it offers an unparalleled chance to experience the haunting music of the Stars.

Still further south are the Smelts, sometimes called the Pits. These systems harbour a number of planets that provide excess workforce for the subsector and beyond. 

Ascension -160; declination -150; deiseil drift +/-18

Notable locations in this region

Planetary System
  • Akamai
Planetary System
  • Auberon
Planetary System
  • Ceres Atoll
  • Mrigna
Natural phenomena
  • Faraday's Star
  • Bellerophon
Planetary System
  • Golgotham
Planetary System
  • Gorgidas Initial
  • Primaris
  • Miticas
Planetary System
  • Lachesis Un
Planetary System
  • Limbs
  • Decens
  • Hyppos Rusicade
  • Pluracy
Natural phenomena
  • Obsyl's Gate
Planetary System
  • Slav Nasr
  • Tel Alaf
Planetary System
  • Balsene
  • Fulzene
  • Zürix