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Planetary System

With no fewer than thirteen inhabitable planets, all diverted to manufacture, Temperance is the heart of the Smelts, and it provides a significant proportion of all commercial and industrial exports from the sector. The Temperance seal is a well-respected mark of quality throughout the sector, and Guardsmen and women issued with 'Tempered' flak thank the Emperor.

Space prohibits a complete survey of all thirteen primary worlds and forty secondary planetary bodies (in addition, many are broadly similar hives of industry in terms of culture and population). This entry constitutes a look at exceptional examples.

Zürix is at the heart of the system, and falls under the direct purview of the Adeptus Munitorum. Almost all of the citizenry is devoted to cataloguing and processing the shipping of manufactured items and supplies into and out of the Smelts.

The denizens of Balsene are a genetically stable strain of abhumans that exhibit partial amphibianism.

Fulzene is uninhabitable, but supports over thirty large satellites that assist in manufacture.

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