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Slav Nasr

Planetary System

Slav Nasr is part of the Smelts; the loose group of manufacturing systems in the anti-spinwards depths of the Spinther subsector.

Hot and dry, its principal planet – after which the system is named – sits in close orbit to its sun. Densely-populated despite the intemperate climate, the planet is notable as a Titanforge – that is, as an active specialist in producing and maintaining the God-engines of the Adeptus Mechanicus. As well as sustaining its own Legio Sumer, the system provides much of its tithe through service, helping to maintain, repair and reconstruct war-engines that have fallen or been ruinously damaged by the unceasing war of the 41st Millennium. Given its relatively safe position in the sector, and its nearness to the supply lines of the Smelts, the world is occasionally able to exceed its quota and send an immeasurably precious new Titan to another Legion.

While many – if not most – Titan Legions and Mechanicus factions might harbour grudges, resentments or rivalries with one another, Slav Nasr is seen by most of the techpriesthood in the sector as neutral ground, leading to its other name of 'Sanctuary', an appellation applied also to its star. The famed Via DIluvian, the great walkway built down a long-diverted riverbed, is famed across the sector – by both the Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperial dignitaries – as the traditional site for Titan Legions from the Sector to gather prior to deployment, on those rare occasions when more than one Legion contributes to a war.


Tel Alaf is a largely deserted planet, airless and with all its liquid water caught up in thin clouds that whip across its deep blue sky.

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Slav Nasr
Tel Alaf

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