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Ceres Atoll

Planetary System

The Ceres Atoll is a belt of curiously geometrically stable asteroids bound tightly around the system's ugly star. Set like a prominent piece of ebon or jet in a dark iron ring, a small, storm-wracked rocky world shares the belt's orbit. Upon this unpromising planet, Mrigna Mhros Peljos (translating loosely as Lady of the Storm Butterfly, and commonly known as Mrigna) perches a seemingly-dormant Necron Tomb of unknown Dynastic provenance. The planet orbits a dead black dwarf star just west of the Spinther subsector, and the only source of light in the system is the eerie swathes of green light that coruscate over its thin atmosphere. 

The star, Ceres, is an important realspace navigational beacon; as interplanetary dustclouds are thin around the area, for unknown reasons.

The system is treated as part of Spinther owing to the historical contestation between Spinther and Ornithius; a series of petty conflicts known as the Red Line Wars.

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Ceres Atoll

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