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The Chiming Stars

Natural phenomena

This group of stars marks the political, if not physical, halfway point in the Spinther subsector. Below it are the Smelts, the heavily industrialised and politically disenfranchised sub-district, while to the galaxtic north are the haughty Inner Worlds.

Of the stars themselves, two are named and famous – Faraday's Star is the largest and brightest in magnitude, easily visible from every point in the subsector. The binary Bellerophon Alpha and Beta is smaller, but no less beautiful; binary stars that hold three mighty gas giants in counterchange orbit. The stars and planets of the system have been held to resemble a gigantic orrery or pleasure dancers, and have inspired myriad poetic works.

None of the stars hold inhabitable worlds, though there are Adeptus Mechanicus workstations and suborbitals over a number of the stars.

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