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Planetary System

The system orbits a main sequence star known as Limbs Primary. This unusual nomenclature (Primary is usually used as a shorthand referent to the closest planet, rather than the star itself) has been cause for note amongst the Munitorum; it is suspected that there is a dwarf planet hidden within the photosphere that caused the star to be miscatalogued.


Limbs Primary supports four populous hiveworld: Limbs, Decens, Hyppos Rusicade, and Pluracy. All support primary manufacture and help oversee, monitor and supply the Imperium with the subsector's exports. Politically important, the system is a stop-off for most visiting dignitaries, most of whom visit the Gallery of Heroes on Hippos Rusicade, an astonishing artwork/memorial that contains a portrait for every member of the Imperial Navy drawn from Antona Australis. The gallery stretches virtually the entire way around the equator of the planet (with minor breaks to allow for tectonic upheaval), and has many billions of individual images. Owing to the near-impossibility of the artists finding images of their 'sitters', most are rote-drawn tiny near-duplicates, portraying the individual in the Late Rusicadian heroic style: three-quarter face, monochrome, and sharing typical features symbolic of heroic man- or womanhood.


The planet Limbs is the home of the House of the Golden Needle, a merchantile group that has spread its influence across the subsector. Known for its generous support towards the Ministorum, members of the 'Needle' are sure of a warm welcome throughout the sector. 


Decens is currently a pit of slums  (pictured) following the reign of the Imperial Commander, High King Delphis MCXI. A believer in the Millennial Church of Clocks, Delphis forwarded the last three decades of the tithe to the conman Anithon Buth, who absconded with the phenomenal wealth. The House of Buth became a notorious example of the infinitesimal speed with which Imperial Justice is meted out, with nearly six Centuries passing before the Judges caught up with Buth's descendants. A minor scion of Buth's house – believed to have embezzled a substantial portion of the fortune – was later implicated in the attempted Secession of Melissa, and is believed to have links with the renegade Sephran Mawl.


The system was the site of the notorious War of Limbs in the early years of M39, a conflict between Waa-Gargog and the Spinther Main and Auxiliary Fleets, plus numerous mercenary ships. Ships of the Carcharodon chapter of the Adeptus Astartes were first sighted in this sector during this conflict; and were instrumental in driving off the Butcherking Gargog.

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