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Planetary System

Part of the Inner Worlds, Fullofaudes is named after the great Imperial General Yrista Fullofaudes Gorgidas, who re-conquered the sector after the War of King Ida's Succession. In her honour, the planet maintains a Regimental strength honour guard made up of the firstborn children of the capital settlement, Hanxen. This mixed regiment has fought off-world, notably in the Scribe Wars, where they achieved a high kill ratio against Grovsenor rebels.

The inhabitants of the planet are clean-limbed, long-lived and proud of their position in Imperial space.

Primaris is a civilised world in the same system. The substantial population is extremely diverse, and are commonly used as a control in sector research for everything from polling to the effacity of neurotoxins. The planet is the centre of Arbites control in the subsector.

The Shrine World of Miticas is a planet with roiling clouds that spill from horizon to horizon. The light of the nearby star occasionally breaks through for glorious moments of golden sunlight. The planet contains the Sector Ecclesiarch's palace, and is considered an important pilgrimage site.

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