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A small and isolated sub sector lying to the galactic south of Anton Antecedent and the centre of the sector. Surrounded by empty space, this subsector has a reputation as a 'dead end' for navigation, as although the north-western approaches are expansive and in no way dangerous, it only goes one way – back into the open space that forms the route to the centre of the subsector.  There is supposed to be another way out but no one has found it and the sector is surrounded by space with a very thin divide from reality and is said to be psychically very unstable.

Despite this and the number of incidents that have occured to exploratory parties, both the Inquisition and the Tau have shown a keen interest.

The proximity of the Vectum Isolation to the subsector means that many across the subsector regard the coreward worlds as suspicious. Broadly-speaking, this is unfounded; the Ecclesiarchy and Arbites keep a tight monitor on the border worlds. Many loyal regiments have been drawn from them, but whispers nevertheless continue.

Notable locations in this region

Planetary System
  • Golgothia
  • Apathia
  • GrymDarkia
Planetary System
  • Simmer
  • Vinder's Locale
  • Boltee
Planetary System
  • Errebund 1
Planetary System
  • Janus
  • Gnosis II
Planetary System
  • Sierra Alpha M
  • New Phenik
Planetary System
  • The Opprobium Vault
Planetary System
  • Shub-Yig
  • Ren