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Invictine Readyfleet


Boasting the greatest number of successful engagements – and shamefully enduring the most defeats – of any of the Subsector Fleets, the Invictine Readyfleet has been embroiled in near-constant skirmishes, setpiece battles and all-out war for a startlingly long time with the forces of the Archenemy Isolation. As a result, the Readyfleet is by far the largest and most battle-hardened of all the subsector fleets; a surprising fact given the relatively small size and political isolation of the Invictus subsector.

Currently commanded by Grand Duchess Cobrine-Saez, the fleet's many squadrons are itching to drive further into the Isolation to bring the light of the Emperor – and his ordnance – to the benighted inhabitants of the warpstorm.

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Imperial Sub-sector

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