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Pheniks Demise

Planetary System

Pheniks Demise contains two planets.  Sierra Alpha M was converted into a Foreworld, having acted as a manufacturing planet by a small empire which was swiftly brought to compliance in the Great crusade.  the world has been long since abandoned having been stripped of all useful resources and become a poisonus, polluted world.

All manufacturing was transferred to New Phenik, the remaining habitable planet in the system from S.A.M.  New Phenik produces a large variety of equipment, usually for the Stars of Dorn chapter although some of its equipment has inexplicably found itself in the hands of the local Word Bearers, possibly through hijacked shipments.

The New Phenik Forgeworld has been repeatedly awarded the Adeptus Pragmaticus Ultra Violet award for most efficient Forgeworld in the Imperium*.  The only thing that stops the Star of Dorn chapter from being the best equipped Space Marine chapter in the Imperium is due to their shipping methods which resulted in the majority of their goods being damaged in transit.

*The Imperium may not care much for efficiency but the award has been given out since great crusade days and it is even more of a heresy to stop such a tradition

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Imperial Sub-sector
Sierra Alpha M
New Phenik

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