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Pudor Armarium

Planetary System

The dull brown dwarf star of Pudor Armarium emits sickly, waning light over slowly orbitting scrapyards, asteroid fields and deserted junkyards. These are all that remain of once-proud battle fleets and mighty armadas that have been retired to the system. Nominally Imperial, the heavy pall of radiation makes a mockery of sensors and detection equipment, meaning that alien vessels and small freeblade forces crop up as often as Imperial troops.

The system is distant from anywhere of concern – political or military – and as a result the system is a backwater. The difficulty of accessing or retrieving forces means surprise attacks from the area are unlikely, though not unknown. This means it sees little Imperial monitoring from century to century, though archeotech-hoarders, explorators and xenologists from all over the sector periodically descend on the area to inspect and retrieve items of value – sometimes whole military strikeforces! 

Of note is the presence of the Inquisitorial base of the Opprobium Vault, a chrono-shrouded area where forces can linger for seeming millennia before returning to the light of the galaxy.

This location is part of

Imperial Sub-sector
The Opprobium Vault

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