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Planetary System

Errebund is a system which flickers in and out of the warp, appearing only one year in every hundred before once again going back into the warp. It is a mysterious system and seems to age erratically whilst in the warp sometimes appearing to age a year and sometimes several centuries before coming back to real space. On at least one occasion the system appears to have gone back in time, appearing in real space earlier in the systems history but later in galactic chronological history.  Time however seems to be stable whilst it exists in real space.

Just before it goes into warp space however, some form of psychic null resonators seem to activate deep in the planets' cores although it is not known if these are natural or constructed.  Either way, these resonators appear to prevent the system from becoming a demon world by preventing any kind of psychic or demonic activity from taking place in the system when it is in warp space.

There are a number of planets and moons in this system, some habitable.  Long range sensors have detected sentient life in the vincinity but short range scans and exploratory missions have never deteced any life other than the normal flora and fauna one would expect.

Errebund 1 is the central habitable planet whose flora seems to undergo a unique cycle.  The plants are psychically active and appear to use the transition into real space as a kind of firestrom or regeneration period before presumably settling down whilst in warp space.

Colonising the system is impossible and not tolerated (although it is rumoured that cultists have made unauthoried landings in order to view the warp in all its glory without dying a horrific death.)  However the Inquisition has taken an interest in whatever is producing the system wide psychic null. This is difficult to investigate given the short time periods involved and the fact that the 'null generators' are completely inactive whilst in real space.

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Errebund 1