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The Yig Confederacy

Planetary System

Nominally Imperial, the Confederacy of Yig is a dependency of the Imperium by an ancient decree, the origin of which is lost in the annals of the Munitorum. It consists of two sparsely-populated frontiersworlds, the governance of which is rife with corruption and frequently overturned and replaced. Two runty planets provide a grudging tithe of poorly-disciplined regiments for the Imperial Guard.


A cold desert environment covers much of the surface, with scrubby plants providing fodder for spass-goats and ursine. Most of the inhabitants dwell in the sink-cities, where parabolic mirrors provide day-round light for the production of minor manufacture, such as flatware, blades and construction equipment.


Mineral wealth was the reason for Ren's settlement, and strip mines plunge deep into the marshy interior. Accidents are rife, and life is cheap.

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