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Planetary System

The Antona Australis sector contains hundreds of individual planetoids – some inhabited – of little note that fall outside official Imperial subsectors. The borders of the subsectors themselves are, in any case, in flux; as stars and their attendant planets move through space. Rather than fixed locations in space, then, it is the so-called principal systems – those listed on the main cartographic map – the determine the shape of the subsectors.

The two planets of this system, the civilised world of Vinder's Locale and the larger agriworld of Simmer, are the main reason this otherwise isolated system is included under subsectorial control. Coripaest thus marks both the corewards and spinwards extent of the Invictus subsector; and that only because the picket lines were extended specifically to include the system. 

Simmer is a vast rockey planet – some eight times Terra's mass displacement – of fertile plains. In addition to producing a significant proportion of the subsector's food, the planet supports significant mining and ore refinement capabilities. 

Vinder's Locale is home to brokers, merchants and tradesmen, who serve the system in procuring deals and finding buyers for Simmer's output.



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