Facility X**

“We’ll be executed for sure!” wailed Heim.

“Don’t be ridiculous Albert you’re already dead” the Genator said seriously, trying to disguise his irritation*.  "Now get on and activate the next test subject”

“They will find us and this time they will make sure they execute us properly and painfully” said Heim although there was a hint of resignation in his voice.  “What I did to earn my first death sentence, it was nothing like this… perversion”

“Calm down now Albert, history is written by the victors now remember.  If this implant works, if we can control the creature psychically through the implant then this could be revolutionary.  Imagine what could be done with it”.  Dr Haimund was getting excited now and was waving his hands around, “If we can trick the creature into thinking it is getting orders from the hive mind, well that is some trick.  Imagine the potential!”

Heim took a step back to marvel at the perversion he had created.  The creature was heavily sedated and had undergone significant amounts of surgery and implantation.  Its glistening flesh and razor sharp claws gave him a shudder – he knew that it could kill them all in seconds if they made but a single mistake.  It lay there twitching, behind layers of psychic and shield based protection as well as some good old fashioned plate glass.  It was currently being examined by a servitor.

In some ways he had nothing to complain about.  He had been rescued from execution and was alive, with a roof over his head and 2 hot meals a day.  Sometimes he missed not having any windows but then again what do you expect from a secret facility.  What would he see anyway?  Radioactive dust probably.  Maybe some wandering mutants.

There was nothing wrong with his life.  Except the bit where he performed capital offences daily.

“These creatures are dangerous Johan.  You paid that smuggler a huge bounty to get them in on that ore freighter.  We ordered ten samples and we got nine remember?  Those creatures were sedated too remember?  Ten on the manifest, nine on arrival”

“Albert I don’t know what happened to Sample P but I am sure there is a limited amount of damage that a single one of those creatures can do on Grosvenor II.  Its probably dead.”

“As long as they don’t find its corpse and trace it back here” said Heim

“Enough of the delays now Albert, activate Sample H, I wouldn’t want to keep our customers waiting…”

*This was not befitting of a member of the mechanicum and this made it doubly irritating

**The X is for Xenos***

***If you believe that you will believe anything

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