Dramatis personae

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Scholar Medicae Albert Heim

Dramatis personae

Heim was once a gifted student with a long and illustrious career ahead of him which notably did not inlcude front line combat or astropathic duties.  He was well on his way to a comfortable position on Grosvenor 2 in the personal employ of a noble house or training other psykers when he was caught up in the Lorysia  wishbone heresy.  The resulting Inquisitorial investigation uprooted a Dark Mechnicum cult whose members were sumarrily executed.  As part of the investigations Heim was found out by the inquisition to be exploring forbidden lore and carried out non sanctioned work and was sentenced to die with the rest of the cult.

Genetor Haimund however used his influence to alter the time and place of the execution and arranged for Heim and some selected cult members to be secretly saved from execution.

The Imperium believe him to be dead and now Heim is confined to Facility X where he performs experiments that may not meet with Imperial Approval...

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