Dramatis personae

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Genator-Diplomat Johan Haimund

Dramatis personae

Genator Haimund of the Cult Mechnicus is an ageing member of the mechanicum, a man who used to command respect and influence but who is not in favour with the sector mechnicum.  It was therefore not difficult for him to request command of a diplomatic mechnicum outpost on Grosvenor 2.  Haimund is also the administrator of Facility X, a secret facility based in the glowing sea, a partially radioactive dust bowl on the edge of Grosvenor 2's capital city (or hive).

Rumour has it that facility X has conducted forms of forbidden experimentation both to the Ordo Xenos and the mechnicum (too innovative).

Haimund remains more human looking due to the nature of his diplomatic tasks.

Haimund was originally from the war torn neighbouring sector of [Prodigium Os] which is in a continually state of war betwen the Emperors Hammers and WAAAGGHHH --CLASSIFIED-- where he was instrumental in bringing the Titan Legion Forces to over their full strength in order to keep the orks at bay.

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