Notable Military Force

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Legio Malleus

Titan Legion
Notable Military Force


The Legio Malleus originates from the neighbouring sector and traditionally fights alongside the Emperors Hammers in that sector.  Most of that sector is a warzone (even more so thatn Antona) and most of the fighting is against Orks.  Nonetheless Titan legions from Legio Malleus have also taken an active interest in the defense of the Antona Australis sector.  Legio Malleus is a multi sector legion.  In theory elements can be recalled between sectors but in practice this happens rarely.  The titans currently based in the sector have as a result been present for several millenia and are starting to build up their own rich and varied history.

Emperor Titans


Battle Titans

Carpe Noctum - Warlord

Neo Malleus Perditor - Warlord.  Founding Legion Member, this titan had the honour of carrying the legios name itself within its own.

Incus Dei - Warlord

Scout Titans

Actus Sanctorum - Warhound

Fidolis - Warhound