Dramatis personae

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Princeps Scipio Atilus [MIA]

Dramatis personae

Atilus is an Imperial Noble who comes from a long family line of nobility producing men who command various parts of the Imperial Navy.  Only 1 in ten million individuals have the strength of will to tame the machine spirit of a titan and when this was discovered, Atilus was fast tracked through training.  Atilus became politically very popular as he has friends with both the Mechanicum, (who he is loyal to and who trained him) and the Imperial Navy where he has a familial connection to.

Atilus' first titan was the Warhound Titan Actus Sanctorum which fought in a number of warzones in the Scallop Stars Purges campaign.  His most recent engagement was in the Grogskag system, a vital mission which was to employ all of his tactical nous in order to obtain information vital to the war.

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