Notable Conflicts

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The Manassas Crisis

Notable conflict

The Manassas Crisis

An air battle over the capital city of Monstrous, marked the first battle of the Anchorage Annexation.

Reports from an Arvus shuttle flight that came under attack in the Gossamer Park region of Mannassas City caused Imperial forces to scramble and engage, despite being unaware of the enemy's size and capabilities.

A force of four Vultures (Babel Squadron) and a Marauder Destroyer (Madhouse) were diverted from a nearby Skybear airbase to investigate, and ran into a sizeable force of Ork aircraft – a mix of fightas and fighta-bombers.

While Captain Marwell led three of the Vultures to the north-east, the remaining Vulture, Loose Cannon, flew interference for the Marauder, hoping to split the orks in two.

Unfortunately, displaying the customary savagery of their species, the orks leapt towards Loose Cannon and Madhouse, downing the Vulture and damaging the Destroyer for no casualties. Desperately executing a power dive to escape the pursuing orks, Madhouse pulled towards the north-east.

With blood in their nostrils, the orks pursued, only to be faced by the remainder of Babel Squadron, who emerged from behind the Administratum Block to blow four of the ramshackle craft from the sky, forcing them to disengage, and ending the battle in victory for the Imperium.

The damaged shuttlecraft was found to have been looted by orks – though whether the orks were after something in particular, or simply stripping the stricken craft for 'gubbinz' is unknown.

Imperium Victory