Notable Military Force

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Wazgor's Freeboota Speed Freeks

Notable Military Force

A number of smaller moons and planets across the Anton Antecedent subsector appear to have been defaced by an unusual form of graffiti: a grinning skull and crossed swords appear to have been carved into their largest and flattest regions – deserts, tundra, savannah, mudflats and so forth.

These grafitti are large enough to be visible from high orbit and can only have been caused by an enormous number of fast vehicles.

Cross-referencing this data with systems in the Scallop Stars, we find that similar anomalies have been recorded as the telltale signs of Boss Wazgor and his infamous freebooter speed freaks; vicious piratical raiders attracted by unusual technology, and generally for hire as mercenaries to anyone who can afford the price and offer good 'sport'.