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What this model needs is *more* LEDs...


Bob Hunk
Real name: 
About him: 

Raised as a human among Kroot, he spent the first 12 years of his life with a vocabulary of one word; Kroot-Kroot, and remains fluent 'til this day. Kroot-Kroot? Rescued by a Rogue Trader and shown the beauty of metal models, Bob Hunk has been stuck in first edition ever since. He is entirely carnivorous and terminates all fruit on sight.

"Slow and steady wins the race!"
"Help! Send skull white!"
"Why wont this metal model stick together? *sob*"
"Why did I start an army based around OOP models?!"

Army Information

Armies Played: 
Team Fisto - Heresy-era Imperial Fists
Kaptin Nuzzgrond's Blood Axe Orks
Gatrog Nurgle's Daemonic Cavalcade of Decay
Task Force Vengeful Blade, Deathwing
Cadre Hun'k, Mechanised Tau
Coming soon: Hive Fleet Cerberus
Coming eventually: WHFB Dwarves

Getting to know you

Least favourite model ever: 
Metal Dark Eldar Wyches
Personal GW bugbear: 
The dominance of plastic and the fact that it's slowly winning me over.
Favourite Arnie Quote: 


What ONE superhero power would you have?: 
Second most embarassing hobby: 
On-line gaming