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Kehudo Spills

Planetary System

The Kehudo Spills mark the border of the Outer and Inner Isolations, and are the site of the Martyrdom of Saint Palious the Innocent, a grievous defeat inflicted upon the Infancy Crusade in the sector's early history that marked the turning point of the war in favour of the Kehudine Dsa.

In itself, the system has little to recommend it. Bereft of substantial places of inhabitation, a mere two small, isolated satellites contain breathable atmospheres. Life finds a way; and both are home to teeming billions of desperate, half-starved creatures. These isolated and wretched people serve as fodder for the Archenemy warmachine; and the population is repeatedly conscripted, recruited and abused. Civil war rages periodically across the surface of both, culling the population and honing the killing instincts of the brutalised survivors.

Dsar Meiliti, known to the Imperium as Infanta Moriat is a satellite of a grumbling gas giant. Low rolling hills, covered with scrubby heathland and unpalatable but edible grasses, make up the landscape. Dingy mud-cities pock the dark side of the planetoid. It was in and amongst the grubby alleys of this unprepossessing rock that saw Saint Palious' death; an event that has earned the moon the questionable honour of being a place of black pilgrimage for rebels and traitors across the city.

A moon that bears a passing resemblance to an optical cataract, Ien Dsar is a gloomy place, where dense cloud prevents light penetrating far. The inhabitants are pale and wan, but hardy and aggressive.

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Dsar Meiliti
Ien Dsar

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