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The Vectum Isolation

Designated a no-go area by the famed – if ill-starred – Fleet Admiral Vectum in 352.M31 the Vectum Isolation is an unnavigable section of space beset by a violent warp storm thought to be centred around a rift in space.

Reality is thin here, the few reports that have been retrieved from the remnants of expeditions into the area seem like the fevered rantings of madmen, they describe worldscapes that defy logic and inhabitants that follow suit.

Only the bravest or maddest of captains will take their ships into the Isolation as it is considered suicide. as a result it has occasionally been used as a bolthole for pirates, renegades and the forces of Chaos. 

Notable locations in this region

Planetary System
  • Aulis
Planetary System
  • Golgothia
  • Apathia
  • GrymDarkia
Planetary System
  • Arke
  • Tundrine har
Planetary System
  • The Whispering World
  • Anguish
  • Delirium
Planetary System
  • Dsar Meiliti
  • Ien Dsar
Planetary System
  • Port Madog
  • Great Terwelu
  • Boiteaux belt
Planetary System
  • RT-B01