Notable Military Force

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Quintus Elementum

Inquisitorial Task Force
Notable Military Force

Quintus Elementum are a mysterious attack force striking from a hidden base rumoured to be within T'au space.  The force appears to be some unholy combination of Imperial Guard and Tau although generally it appears to be human centric with Tau equipment.  Rumour has it this task force is associated with Inquisitor Maltheus but so far nothing has been proven.  Attacks by Elementum have been a thorn in the side of both Imperial and Tau interests - patterns of attack and interest have been impossible to plot.

The force is composed of four main elements:

Air Strike force

This force appears to be mainly composed of mobile assets such as Valkyries and veterans

Fire Scorpion

Scorpion attack forces include Rough Riders, Ogrnys, ratlings and other subhumans as well as mobile infantry units in Chimeras

Earth Shield

Most of the heavy vehicles and tanks as well as tank transports are concentrated in this part.  Also includes artillery and Heavy Weapons units as well as non mobile infantry

Boiling Water

General Purpose and elite units such as Stormtroopers, psyckers, advisors and diplomats are part of this corp.