Dramatis personae

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Inquisitor Josiah Maltheus

Dramatis personae

Josiah Maltheus is the anonymous scion of one of the hab-nobles of Grosvenor 6. His psychic potential was detected immediately, but he was hidden away in the cloisters of the Null-monks quarter: a traditional high-hab solution to hide the burgeoning psychic mutation of the aristos – and the resultant scandal.

Inducted into the secretive and Null-monks order, Maltheus did not realise his talent until his early teens; when his adventurous and curious nature led to him smuggling himself and a friend out of the monastery to see the hives of Grovsenor. Unexpectedly free from the psychic baffling of the Null-monks, Maltheus was utterly unprepared for the world that received him, his telepathic powers nearly overwhelming him in the first minutes of freedom.

Of the next few months, little is known – and Maltheus himself is notoriously tight-lipped. What is certain is that the curious but innocent child was replaced with a resourceful and dangerous youth, who came to the attention of the authorities – and whose eventual capture was only achieved by considerable exertion on the part of the Enforcers. Only the intervention of Inquisitor Unfortunus Veck saved Maltheus' life, and Josiah was received into the ranks of the Inquisition as an acolyte in late M41. Maltheus received his Rosette at the age of 69; though minor juvenat treatments and warp-time give him the appearance of being in his late twenties. Devoted to the Imperium, Maltheus' early career seemed to prove his loyalty and resourcefulness on a number of successful hive cult purges – including High Mourn and Marathon itself.

Following the Marathon purges (as well as a brief diversion to Cadia), Maltheus was granted unrestricted access to Trailvain, rebel ex-Governor of Old Republica; then took his team to Mellissa IV, where he headed a mysterious campaign that resulted in the capture of numerous tau-harbouring rebel notables.

His reports to his mentor Veck became increasingly scarce after this point, and only disparate and unsubstantiated reports have found their way to the Inquisition. It is believed that Maltheus set off in some agitation from Mellissa IV, and sped to the Cambyses system before declaring himself Special Condition and dropping off the map. Contradictory and garbled reports later place him landing on Veet Ling and Cambylon, where he is believed to have been in sporadic contact with the Traitor-General Polyphy as well as representatives of the Brightsword Protectorate.

Recent pict-captures of a private army bearing his family's seal have arisen in the Grosvenor system although it is unknown whether this is connected to the Inquisitor, his family, or is an elaborate hoax.

The Inquisitor's present whereabouts and disposition are unknown.

The Inquisitors full name is Josiah Necari-Maltheus, a last name he adopted upon being received into the ordo xenos

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