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Planetary System

Trivium Alpha is covered with dusty windblown plains, ruled over by the craggy and bad-tempered Big Chief Squatting Squig. Home to the deadly xeno-mustelids known as deathweasels, the ruling tribe – whose name is (fortunately) untranslatable – have developed a nomadic culture that follows the mighty herds of gregarious humsquigs across the planet. 

The tiny jade planet of Trivium Beta, known to the orks as Korblymee, is a paradise to human eyes. Rich in nutritious flora and fauna, the planet is raided by passing ork fleets in order to stock up their larders. Few orks live here, as the soft living is inimicable to the orkoid species. It is rumoured to be home to a group of the elusive jokaero, though this remains to be confirmed.

This location is part of

The Scallop Stars
Xenos territory
Trivium Alpha

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