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Planetary System

Somatos boasts only two planets of note, the penal colony Thuggeneel and the system head Brachyllas.

Brachyllas is a civilised world with a post-atomic level of technology. Brought into the Imperium in late M37, the planet has a small but vigorously growing population, originally drawn from the overflowing hives of Marathon. As a result, the planet's culture has a similar militaristic bent, though the small tithe the world presents means that Brachyllan regiments are a rare sight; mainly drawn as subsidiary companies for ogryn regiments from Thuggeneel.

An ancient penal world, Thuggeneel is almost universally known simply as Thug. The planet is almost inimical to life, orbiting a dying red giant star, and is home to the largest ogryn population in the sector. Thugee ogryns are unusually varimorphic, but all are well over ten foot in height and a ton in weight. The various tribes are nomadic, and sell their services to the highest bidder.The single large population centre has no name. It is believed to be the original STC prison centre built on the planet. The governor's monolith is now worshipped by the ogryn tribes in a broad fashion; some calling it the Emp'rer; some calling it Mhork; some simply calling it Big Killer. The planet has one inhabitable satellite, the swamp moon of Moribund, where the despairing governer Amus Wearybones and his long-suffering government is based.

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