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Planetary System

The Ornithar system is sparsely populated, being composed only of death-worlds and dead planets. There are five planets in total in the system, although the outer two are so far from the system's star that they are bare rocks with minimal atmosphere and no-life forms.

Ornithar I is a harsh volcanic world, located close the system's Sun, receiving constant temperatures in excess of 300 degrees celsius year round. the planets rotation cuases the surface to undergo cycles of heating and cooling, causing massive tectonic ruptures across the surface. The only inhabitants are a small adeptus mechanicus research station and a Hawks sensor station.

The Emperors Hawks' fortress-monastery is located on the jungle world of Aviar +++Cross-Ref: Ornithar II+++, the second planet in the system. This planet is deadly and serves as a true proving ground for new recruits.

Ornithar III is an icy death-world upon which few native creatures eke out a living. The hawks maintain a supplementary armoury and secondary fortifications on this world in case the fortress-monastery is compromised. Orbital defences and at least half a company protect it at all times.

Ornithar IV and Ornithar V are cold, dead rocky planets with no life and only host to early warning sensor stations

This location is part of

Imperial Sub-sector
Aviar (Ornithar II)
Ornithar I
Ornithar III
Ornithar IV
Ornithar V

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