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Planetary System

Positioned within a short warp jump of the sector capital and the Hyperion Warp Corridor's coreward exit, the principal planets of Magyar all support stable and relatively wealthy societies, underpinned by a common faith shared – unusually –throughout all of the cultures and groups of the planet. This common ground has traditionally made it relatively difficult for nefarious groups to infiltrate, as counter-cult operatives deal swiftly (and brutally) with uncooperative citizens.

Neues Tremo is a frontiersworld, rich in mineral wealth. It supports a post feudal level of technology and has a variety of biomes.

The Shrineworld Brasidas holds the permanent seat of the local Ecclesiarchical representative, Procardinal Ampiphilos.

Eretreia is a low-gravity hiveworld. The inhabitants are naturally slender and gracile, and make excellent recruits for the Imperial Navy, who have permanent recruiting stations dotted around the world feeding a training camp on the large habitable satellite, Menidhos.

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Anton Antecedent
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Neues Tremo

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