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Ibsen Solar

Planetary System

This prosperous system has a long and romantic history of struggle and victory. It contains no less than twelve principal worlds, orbitting a yellow star. Space prohibits a complete analysis, and the notes below are restricted to particular points of interest to the astral traveller.

A blue gas giant, the orbitting shipyards of Y-F-02 provide welcome succour to travellers, traders and the warships that patrol this turbulent but exciting system.

It has one inhabited satellite, named Virmintide. K'Nib warrens dot this otherwise uninteresting moon, a satellite of a huge gas giant by the designation Y-F-02. The settlements cluster around the steam plumes that form natural heat chimneys that provide energy and protection for the inhabitants.


The commercial hub of Ibsen, this prosperous world sees all manner of trades going on as well as a measure of opulence due to the outstanding natural beauty of the non industrialised parts of the planet.  A series of abandoned alien cities dot the landscape proving surprisingly stubborn to the elements, all picked clean long before the arrival of settlers to Trantor and of no further interested to the Inquisition.  Tau traders have been tolerated in some of the seedier trading hubs and the local imperial presence has been known to turn a blind eye to illicit xenos activity so long as they get a cut and of course no trouble.

New Republica:
From the Imperial Subsector Guide:

Home of the the Forbidden Governor, Arch-Heretic Zaraphiston Lee Trailvain, Republica attempted secession from the Imperium nearly four millennia ago. A swift and brutal crusade prosecuted by Admiral Glory Standun (later Governor of New Republica) ensured that the secession was unsuccessful. Trailvain remains alive in a modified stasis field that ensures he suffers acute agony for each inhumanly long moment of his miserable existence.


From a decoded Inquisition transmission – Omricon incept:

++ Reference/Subject: Arch-Heretic Zaraphiston Lee Trailvain-Magenta level Clearance required - Ordo Hereticus of the Emperor's Holy Inquisition
++ Designation: 442-BT524
++ Locale: Segmentum Ultima, Antona Australis Sector

++ TFTD: There is no place for the weakwilled or hesitant. No sacrifice is too great. No treachery too small.

Contact the Governer immediately and order all pilgrimages to the Arch-heretics statis field to cease.  An armed guard needs to be posted and the personal rotated daily on the room at all times.  Go and investigate how most of the arch heretic was removed from his statis field.  Why was the only thing left behind his left eye? Why is it now impossible to turn off the statis field?  The Tyrant of Ibsen must not be allowed to awaken.

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Anton Antecedent
Imperial Sub-sector
New Republica:

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