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Planetary System

Inhabited by humankind since the Dark Age of Technology, the system of Cambyses was brought to compliance by the shadowy Thirty-First Expeditionary Fleet of the Alpha Legion.

A series of stunted dwarf worlds and shadowy, misshapen asteroid fields surround a achingly dull red star. Only two of the larger bodies sustain atmosphere, the planet Cambylon and the jungle moon of D-F-0-0, Veet Ling.

Cambylon is the primary settled world, and supports a variety of eco-systems, though swamps and dust-seas make up the majority of the surface. It is unusual in supporting a number of competitive political units below the command of the Imperial Governor. The most noteworthy nation-states (known as Natstat in the local parlance) are summarised below:

Lanton is by far the largest and dominant state, owning nearly a third of the southern landmass, and operates the polar Defence Fortresses. This state was established by the Thirty-First Expeditionary fleet on Compliance, and is populated by the descendants of ex-Imperial Armsmen from the fleet. It is the most populous Natstat by quite some way, and provides 90 per cent of the Guard tithe. It is ruled by the Benevolent Dictator-For-Life Goroma, a zealously pro-Imperial character, who holds the tacit support of the Imperial Government.

Semitt is a small but politically active Natstat, and holds considerable sway in internal affairs, as it contains the Governor's palace and his Atomic stockpile; mouldering but usable.

Incemuth is the smallest but oldest of the primary Natstats, occupying a narrow and contested zone, memorably described by the archivist Howtopher Buxcraft as 'a slimy expanse of hellish black mire which extended about me in monotonous undulations as far as I could see.... The region was putrid with the carcasses of decaying fish, and of other less describable things which I saw protruding from the nasty mud of the unending plain'.

It exists on the equator of the planet. Historically unconcerned with the rest of the planet, its armies are relatively primitively equipped but fanatical. Gene-tags imply that the majority of the inhabitants of this inward-looking Natstat are aboriginal inhabitants – descendants of the Pre-Imperial resistance forces. Historically an area of conflict, Incemuth has swollen and shrunk over its ten-thousand year history; and has brought all invasion attempts to a bloody stalemate.

Slavyml. Ruled by the Zemyl-Diet, this Natstat is currently waging war on Incemuth along the Strait of Mord.

Veet Ling is a world with a maddeningly dense, humid atmosphere; and a punishingly powerful gravitional pull. Scattered and ancient tribes roam the world-jungle, and Imperial civilisation has penetrated only the fog-shrouded highlands. Civilisation here regressed to pre-blackpowder levels during Long Night; though a rich oral history and dozens of varied cultures have survived the ten-thousand year isolation.

Rich in lost or forbidden technology, Veet Ling draws archeotech-seekers, treasure hunters and myriad other fortune-seekers by the hundreds each year. Those who make planetfall report even the Imperial inhabitants as harrowed and preternaturally aged; stunted and wizened beings who seem to have lost all spark of energy. Nevertheless, the moon provides a tithe of numerous chaemic materials, as well as an annual PDF and Guard tithe dredged from the eternal swamps. Veet Ling guardsmen are notoriously capable guerilla warriors, and infamous for their ill-treatment of vanquished enemies; proudly bearing totems of severed ears, noses, hands or other, less-savoury parts.

The moon has seen numerous uprisings, and Imperial control is far from total. However, the world is of such small tactical importance that expeditionary forces are few and far between. The muggy and ancient swamps are largely unmapped and unexplored, rife with terrible surprises for the unwary; and swarming with vicious predators, poisonous flora, hostile tribesmen and other less salubrious or tangible threats.


Current Status:
Reports from Cambyses are fragmentary at best. It is believed that the Children of Polyphy have now conquered four-fifths of the shattered world; and the XII and XIII Veet Ling have either been destroyed or subsumed into the Traitor-General's ranks. If this is so, Mawl now has access to interplanetary capabilities.

At least two Inquisitors are believed to be in the area: Inquisitor Maltheus – from whom nothing has been heard – and another unnamed puritan. The sector waits to hear from either one of them...

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