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Planetary System

Apis is a yellow star well in its prime with a mass only one tenth greater than that of that Sol. The Apis sytem is home to Bezoa, a Forgeworld that has only just ended a long period of isolation and fought for both sides during the dark days of the Horus Heresy. Much of Bezoa's wealth historically came from Apis' large asteroid belt, but this has been largely mined out thanks to ten millenia of unceasing toil and the tireless efforts of billions of servitors. It is rumoured that dark things have started to populate the long abandoned workings and mining settlements. Sightings of a great void whale or space hulk have become increasingly frequent only to be summarily dismissed by the magi of Bezoa, who are unimpressed by such witnesses' fevered rantings. 

Forgeworld/Hive Bezoa is granted use of the Craven Passage by House Temporis of Storm's End and is therefore required to pay it a tithe of precious and sacred knight armours, a fact that has long irked the proud ruler of Bezoa, Arch Magos Zerliah Krol. Bezoa is forbidden to have a Knight House or Titan Legion of its own and is seeking to get around this through founding a daughter forgeworld - hence the voyages of the Deus Creatio. 

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