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Elopynnesine Region

Bereft of great interest to the Imperium, the Sectorial government designates the Elopynnesine Region Zona Xenos, ceded to the Eldar. In this veiled and hidden region, the xenos benefit from a psychically-rich and free zone of space, which nevertheless offers protection from warp predators, who find their access to the Materium baffled, and their time manifest curtailed. Like the more famous – and much larger – Maelstrom region in Segmentum Ultima, the area is believed to be a natural phenomenon that predates the Eye of Terror. 

As such, Inquisitor Ordinate Rusk, a radical master of xenoarcheology, published his Intrigues of the Eldar, an heretical partwork that led to his pursuit and eventual execution by Inquisitor Zelial in late M37. The Intrigues put forth the theory that the Elopynnesine Region may represent part of the ancient Eldar Empire; so farflung and unpopulous that the events of the Eldar Fall – while catastrophically distastrous for the inhabitants – did not wipe them out entirely. 

The Eldar of the region, if they know the truth, are typically unforthcoming; but most learned masters of the Ordo Xenos agree that the Eldar of the modern day cannot draw direct descent from the Eldar of the Empire. Rather, they are descendants of Craftworlds that have partially recolonised the planets of the area. Followers of Rusk's rather romantic and fanciful thesis are known amongst the Inquisition as the Conclave of Ordinate, and still pursue proof of his theory. Their attempted trespass on Eldar sovereign territory has been the cause of numerous skirmishes and battles, though the Eldar and Imperium mostly lie in uneasy truce.

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