An-Angau Initial Reconnaissance Report

+ From the pen of Unfortunus Veck +

+ [Date redacted] 4006475.M41 +

Fortress of the void veil – A tentative translation, this area is a heavily fortified region equivalent in size to a modest Hive city. Studded with turrets, torpedo tubes and other, more esoteric, defences, the Fortress sits atop the Craftworld's principal spiremast. Freestanding of the effects of the Orphic Soundings, it is a peculiar combination of defensive redoubt and psychic crow's nest. Its freedom from the numbing (if reassuring) hum of the Soundings means that it is one of the sole positions within the Craftworld in which an Eldar can experience emotional freedom.

Vo's writings contian some interesting conjecture: 'If other similar structures atop other Craftworlds can be taken as precedent, it is likely the Fortress serves a peculiar multiple role as scholam to teach young Eldar how to gather and protect their spirit during time off the Craftworld; as garrision for the tightly-controlled soldiery of the Craftworld to protect the vital starsails, and as a spiritual gaol; where criminals can be isolated.

The Tunnel of Carpal provides a secondary link through the main spine of the Craftworld, bypassing the Meadows of Ardency and the principal shipyards. The Tunnel itself is many dozens of kilometres wide, and is filled with residential districts – seemingly recently built.

A towering edifice of oppressive and close-knit foliage, the Crystal Forest of Gloom appears semi-organic. Made up of winding paths through a dense and humid jungle, traversing the Forest is difficult, if not impossible without recondite knowledge. As a result, it seems a potential location for isolated refugees. What little is known of the semi-mythical Hermit-seer Therin of Slí fuels rumours that he maintained a Chamber here dotted with wardens of precocious power. On a personal note, I am astonished by the range and dimensions of the environments the Eldar maintained on their Craftworld. Cabron and Legitimas' teams have so far recorded fourteen different major zones of distinct environment, ranging from the mundane – areas we might recognise as cities (albeit with unusual architecture) and rolling fields, through to baffling expanses of airless snowplains and bubbling, storm-wracked zero-gravity zones.

Not strictly a location aboard the Craftworld, the Orphic Soundings are in part generated by the resonance set up between the Craftworld's immense starsails and solar winds. Producing an infrapsychic hum, the Soundings create an immaterial void through which the Craftworld travels. Cloaked in this manner by an immaterial wash, I believe they usually help to mask the Craftworld's presence from warp vision. 

Unusually for the multi-layered and complex language of the An-Angaun Eldar, the Star Chamber translates quite literally. Initial scouts ordered in by Interrogator Cabron were instantly vapourised on entry, seemingly by walking into the physical presence of roiling plasma. Further investigation by my autocogitators indicate the chamber either contains or – somehow – acts as a portal to a star with the displacement of a blue supergiant. I suggest that this may have provided the Craftworld with some service; though whether this is as mundane as motile power (essentially working like a fuel tank), or some other purpose – perhaps of cultural significance? – is currently moot. 

While these areas require further investigation, it should be noted by my learned colleagues that my servant Legitimas – to whose presence of mind and balance of humours I will attest – has reported findings of non-Eldar nature. Whether these prove to be of note is for us to decide. It may prove to be some form of Eldar herd-animal for food; or it may be that we are not alone in these echoing and abandoned halls.

I remain, your staunch friend and ally in service to the Emperor,


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